JetPro V2 for FG monster truck

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Hi All

I am looking for a pipe for my FG MT; I would be glad to know if somebody would share their experince about jetpro v2 pipe(, I feel this pipe is more balanced and as it is mounted in the front of the engine , it will bring in some weight to the front wheels, and so turning will be much easier,
with the other versions of Jet pro( , all the weight is hanging over the rear axle or behind the rear axle, which will increase the weight on the already overwighted rear axle. and I think jetpro v2 is also having a inbuilt silencer as well,

Please share your expertise and experience.
Thanks !!
I understand what you are saying but, the jetpro pipes are really for top end / big rpm's...... at high speed you loose lots of steering in the MT and I don't think you could pick the difference between the two JP pipes.
I got the Dominator torquer because I like a responsive bottom end (wheelies ohh yeah) and the jetpro may or may not offer you wheelies depending on what engine you are running.

The only thing I can offer you is if you want a great handelling well balanced large scale then the MT is the wrong choice..... If you want something that rips, does wheelies and attract lots of attention then you have made the correct choice.
Check out the DDM sponsor on your right hand side of the screen at the top as they have a good selection of pipes with various finishes.
good to know

Hi Allanach
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on pipes, I just had the impression that JetPro are very good at low RPM, and DDM TGN are better for mid to high RPM, even a review of DDM pipes having the Title "Mid-High" , in this forum
"DDM Dominator Mid-High Pipe review"
you are right that MT is not known for its balance/handling, that is why I am looking something which puts some weight on the front wheels to give better weight ratio.

DDM is good but I it is very loud as I have heard from other users.

Have you ever tested the JetPro 2 pipe on MT?

I am looking for a torqui pipe, I do not want to measure how MPH my truck is doing, mostly I run on tracks where you do not get enough space to run on full speed , and a well balanced weight ratio, with a torqi pipe will be the best in this condition.
your thoughts?
The Dominator pipes come in two types.
(1) mid /high......(2) Torquer.
I have the Torquer and with a good clutch spring it pull wheelies on demand when running out on the road.
Yes is loud but so are the JP.
I have seen the Jp fitted to HPI Baja's and the FG BAja & the MCD Race runners and they are good but only on large areas as they need room to rev.

Hope this helps.
:) Opps!! you got me, I never knew , they come in 2 different "taste"
now i know it, Thanks!!
Is anybody is in this forum is from Switzerland? DO you know where I can get this pipe in here ? or what will be the custom duty to import it?

BTB giving away all the secrets!!! :clown: You're right but, ebay's the place for a dominator pipe, got mine for $84 USD plus they'll ship it with their normal ddm orders to save shipping
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