Jetpro V2 leakage?

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Hi all

can you please have a look at the picture and let me know if this leak is normal for the pipe fg monster jetpro V2?

It is the leakage at the end of the pipe, I aaume it is not normal, and the pipe needs a replacement.


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i d agree with that, its at the silencer. so really shouldnt be a problem.

all these pipes will look a bit nasty at the rear of it.
I do not know

Thanks for looking at it, It is my first performance pipe, so I really do not know what should i expect, I felt the performance difference frin the stock pipe , but not too big, and I get no wheelie at all
You should see quite the performance change with any pipe. You may not be in the exact tune of the carb just yet. Check you plug and work with the needles and you should get it to wake up. Not sure anyone thats running that pipe but have not heard any bad about it.
i run that pipe with my complete alloy truck and can get it too wheelie on grass no problems but with the 16-48 gearing though the 18-46 is perfect for my running , i got sick of wheelies , yes as BTB had said you need to tune the engine to the pipe ..
good to know

hi cyclops1970 , thanks a lot, I am also running with 16/48 which is stock? I think,
I was able to fried my 48 tooth plastic gear with in 1st hour of running.
But I do not get the wheelie, , may be you can tell me what carb setting you are running in? my carb is the stock version.

and what engine you are running? i am running stock CY 26cc.

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