Johnny 5b Dissassembled

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Troy, Michigan
Well my new 5b is spread out all over my shop in preperation for a compleate makeover (plus it needed a deep cleanning). Just recieved the mother load today, Full HPI carbon fiber bits, RC4WD front & rear aluminium suspension set and stainless hardware. I am also installing a new Zenoah G260RC I had lying around for another project. Time to Re-Assemble Johnny 5b:rockon:
RCA, Cant wait to see that baby, Being in Troy your not to far. im a few Hrs north. You like Oval Running? if so we got a flat oval you can rip on!
Nice, I am very excited to see Johnny 5B assembled. Especially with RC4WDs suspension, very bad ass set up.
Keep us updated on the build, including fit and finish of RCs components.

I will post pics as soon as I can. Some family health issues developed and has and will be taking up much of my time for a while. I did manage to get all the rear carbon installed as well as the rear alloy arms. New engine is dressed and ready to go in. The HPI carbon fiber parts are an exact snug fit so far, Very nice. When I get the back half done I will do the front. I will fill you all in on the quality of the 4WDRC parts. Stay tuned:cool2: .
if you fancy a run on some good Oval dirt track, come on up. just let Harris or myself know prior to so we know to expect ya and know none of us are heading out.
Get the family first.
Plenty of time for toyz later.

Have you seen the CF parts by Out Front Frames?
GREAT STUFF. Seem to be of better quality and design then others that I have had. They also have a lot of parts that no one else is making.
Take your time. I'm sorry to hear.
I hope all is well with your m-i-l. Is she feeling any better?
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