Just a snap (Clutch assembly)

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Most of you guy's know the In's and outs of the clutch area but, just thought I'd share a quick hint to those who may just be getting around to switching out to those thicker stiffer higher RPM springs on the clutch pads.
This step will help in the clutch removal post.
Just install the spring on the pads, off set the pads and squeeze. The pads will snap right in place for easy installation.


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and btb i have to agree with you yet again.

you should give them old threads a new lease of life,yours and a lot of others are very very good and very benifical to newbies i think.

saves us having to help out with the simple little things,well to a point,
you have some excellent threads there for newbies that may look simple to us but as a i say very helpfull to the newcomers here.

also they all make intresting reads.
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