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Orlando, Florida
I don't know how many other guys here are into planes, but I tinker with them a bit. Is there room for an airplane slot? I know by scale standards they arent huge, but some are rather big by nature and have some pretty good heft to them. If not I understand, just thought I would ask. Seems my only other option isnt a good one....I hate going there.
hey that may not be bad. I suppose i could post something in general chaos, I just thought it maybe kinda nice to have a planes section, or an others section. Fast eddie me likes the way you think!!
RCGroups has the best airplane forums out there. But, we can also post in here too. I have lots of planes. All electric brushless. P-38s, P-47s, 2 Corsairs, and a heavily modded slow stick.
My slow stick will climb straight up for about 400 feet. I had to put some nylon packing tape on the wings to hold it together. Once you figure ou teh slow stick, you can start to get into some of these 3 channel ones.







And some movies:

P-38 Trials


This will be the next one I build --
peepee Dastardly
Very cool USA. I was talking to recon this morning about those same type of planes.You guys are going to cost me more money now.That looks like alot of fun.
yama bro it is a ton of fun....I had no idea usa was into planes too. I don't have the same love I do for the baja, but planes are a blast!
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