just finished up my fg

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:cool2: this fg has been sittin for 3/4 of the winter,just finished up the motor yesterday and put it in this morning,its a cy with a 29 stroker crank and a superior head i experemented with some porting and added some ports and windowed the piston,widened and timed the exhaust,installed the reeds ,as soon as the weather out here warms up ill let u guys know how it goes.
heres the pics

hop they work :cool2:


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a few more

heres a few more:blush:


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ok this is what i do from camera to forum. first i import them with picasa then when i export them i resize them to 800 pixals with picasa. then i upload them to photobucket. and copy and paste into the forum.
Hi Toez, nice mixture of color. Very blingy...:) I like the plastic gear cover. Where did you get it?
Summer is getting closer and we'll have a blast. I like the design of that rear upright, and will make something like that.
:cool2: Chop Suey thanx for the reply.the gear cover is from an lst, i ran it for two years now and it held up great,cheap to like under 10 bucks , got it from hobby home off of young st, ya i was gonna get around to modding up some beefier shock mounts but just haven't bothered no time,hopfully it warms up soon we been havin some pretty crapy weather,no chance to try out the trucks,
hey toez...trucks looking sweet!!! Hey i know where hobby home is;);) bout a 2 min walk from my house!!! interesting...any other mods to make that gear cover fit?
hey the only other thing i did was just mount an aluminum brace off the side support with a couple of nuts and bolts.u just gotta secure and center it all.got all the metric nuts and bolts from homedepo ,and the aluminum also from HDepo,the cool thing is the cover also has a center inspection cap that lets u peek in and see if the gear is still secure:cool2:
cheers for the info on the shocks what oil did you use and what mods did u have to do and do they make a difference as to the standard 8 shocks
cheers for the info on the shocks what oil did you use and what mods did u have to do and do they make a difference as to the standard 8 shocks

whizzy the shocks made a night and day of a difference, lots more travel and the truck doesn't bounce like a basketball outta control anymore, i cant remember the grade oil i used, i know i saved the old container but i missplaced it sorry,as far as the mods to mount the shocks theres a few the front is basic if u have the aluminum arms i just revered the lower mounts and centered them out ,the rear were a bit trickey as far as making them have full travel,i just cut out some braces were i centered them and shimmed them evenly,i had a set of integy lst on it b4 and they kept the truck more stout than the gpm ones i got on her know,i mismatched the 2 shocks together and it alowed me to use the integy thicker shafts onto the gpms shocks .i think u can do a better job than i ,i sorta rushed it and never bothered beefin up the mounts i mocked up,if u have the time and patience do it u wont regret it:cool2:
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