Just got done redoing my first Baja 5B.******

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Speed Racer

I just got done building my first Baja and I can't want to run it.This was one of LargeScaleRC's Extreme Packages, that come with the 30.5cc Stroker engine already installed.I figured what the hell, lets do it right the first time.. The car actually had all the purple anodized metal and the Orange body. I bought and painted my own body for the first time.I also used your guys advise and dropped the anodized metal into a bucket of Drano crystals. 4 minutes later and they were done. I did spray some clear laquer over them, so they would keep there shine... It's time to get her dirty.. I hope you like the pics guys




Ya, I can't wait. It might be at least a week or so before I can run it.. My wife and I will be running the International Auto Show thats here in Oklahoma city this weekend.. I am glad you like it... I tried to make it not to flashy, but yet real clean looking.. I just need to get it DIRTY!!!!!!!! I am drooling every time I walk into the garage.. SNAP !!!!!!!!!
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