Just Got my Race Runner.. WOW!!

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So I just got my race runner EVO 2 and it is a beauty. I love everything about this car (except for the wheels). The suspension is amazing it is the longer throw in the front and it comes with all the upgrades (including sway bars), so I guess I got all the goods on it. The distributor told the owner of my LHS that I was the first to have the EVO 2 in the whole U.S. I feel very fortunate.

The only thing is why o why did they have to put such ugly wheels on this beautiful car. YUCK!!!
I am getting a pair of marder wheels they are already ordered at my LHS. Tell me what you guys think about those wheels and the car.





i like that whole suspension setup better than my older Race Runner. Can't wait untill i can swing a new one with Brushless power!!!!!!
And i like those wheels, just paint them a different color.
Monoroman, I will be putting a Zenoah 29cc engine with a samba pipe. I think it should get it moving pretty nicely.

No Moa, I like that suspension setup and sway bars as well. The car really looks beefy. If you like those wheels, I can sell them to you since I will be getting Marder wheels and tires. Let me know if interested.

I'll be busy painting and installing the motor this weekend. More pictures to come.

Man I bet even a mouthful of lemons couldn't wipe the grin from your face at the moment.

Could you take a couple of pics showing the new arms and steering hubs in more detail? I have just installed the new alloy front shock towers to enable me to use the racerunner lid and will hopefully paint up mine sometime today. Just going with a quick and dirty one colour paint job as this will be my track shell and will probably not last very long.

You decided how your going to paint yours yet?
I am prepping for painting today and may have it done by tonight or tomorrow. I will be doing it Yahmaha blue and white. I hate to paint, I avoid it like the plague.
I will definitely take more picture after I paint and will post them.
Did you have to cut out the shell on your race runner body to fit the new alloy front shock tower? Also, what wheels are you going to run on your RR?

Yep had to cut the front of the shell out. I also hate painting (actually painting aint that bad its the masking that kills me) that is why I went for a "mono" colour this time....lol

My Baja lid took nearly 2 full days and 4 cans of paint only to get trashed in the first 2 tanks Grrrrrrr.

The Yama blue should look nice. Mine is Tamiya orange. I am very happy with the colour but was a bit nervous as it wasn't my first choice. The wife picked orange as its one of her favorite colours. I let her choose this time to keep her off my back about the box's of new parts that have been arriving over the last few days. If she gets involved and feels like "part of the process" then maybe she will not notice how much I have been spending haha

My wheels are SLD and the tires are SLD Killers.

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Tamya orange sound really cool. I just finished painting my shell today as well and it actually looks good (I was so surprised cuz all the other stuff I've painted usually comes out like $&*#) LOL....

"4cans" you layed it on thick. I used 4 little cans too so I shouldn't be talking LOL!

Oh just remembered. I read somewhere that other wheels would not fit the evo due to the offset of the new hubs and arms. Cannot believe this is true but you might want to investigate just in case.

Found where I read this. It was at king cobra and says.....

"The new wheels are unique to match the new Evo 2 Race Runners geometry, and will not fit any other car."

Not sure if it means other wheels would not fit.
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Actually, I tried the firehammer wheels at my LHS as those are the ones I ordered and they work very well. The square hub that holds the wheel is not attached by any set screws though. The wheel only stays on by those bolts which makes me a little nervous (loose a bolt, loose a wheel and square hub).....
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