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I have to say, Amitysanimal and i ran yesterday, he ran his pretty hard, and as for just a broken bulkhead, it held up very well. I couldnt' get enough traction to do much, and my recoil froze up. we also ran the FGs. It was a great day.
Nope, i didn't have an exhaust gasket, so i didn't get a chance to run it. Not to mention its 2 pretty to get dirty. I beat that FG pretty hard, studded tires. Busted to body mounts, and the body. MTs don't fly like those Bajas.
I think I've got my wife wanting an MCD!! I was going to get one anyhow, I would like to start making aftermarket parts for them, but now I'm even more excited about her wanting to drive & wanting one.
Would be great to have someone to run with, Amitysanimals is the closest to me, and he is 3 hours away, so i don't run to much. Can't wait for that MCD Baja PRO body and tires, to change my Race Runner.
I wish i could have run mine, i would have loved some to take some video of it with the FG stadium tires, it should run very nicely.
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