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well its been 2 months to the day and i guess pitsop tuning center decided to finally ship my order. i had been calling them once a week for the past month and was told that is was going out that day. this past tuesday i was told they did not know if it had shipped and to call back next week.well today i got a slip from the mail man saying the box was at the p.o. . i bought my marder from them last year and the service was excelent. the only reason i ordered parts from them was everybody was out here.
I feel that pain, im in the middle of a hurry up and wait warrenty item that stops me from pretty much running anything atm.

Arnt they in Europe? If i ever need to get stuff from Europe, i try to go with Raco. great service, and good shipping. but that is seldom tbh.
ya they are im the netherlands. the thing about raco is i don't like the fact that they don't show alot of prices.
I hear you, I ordered FG stuff from UK, delivered to Australia in 4 - 5 days...Sweet! Ordered an air compressor local from Aust to clean my lovely FG... 2 weeks later still not shipped and no reply from seller. How hard is it to tell the truth? Bet they sold me stuff they didn't have in stock - god I hate that.
it would not have been so bad if they would just have givin me a straight answer. if some thing is back ordered tell me but they did not bother to lmk until i called them on the phone. and 2 weeks b4 that they told me it had shipped.
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