K1 Gladiator 4x4 truck

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I have been interested in this truck since I have seen pics of it. I found some videos of it, that someone else posted in another forum. I hope it makes it to production, and will be on the market for awhile. Looks like a pretty cool truck. I think it only is going to weight around 19/20 lbs, so that is pretty light for a 4x4 truck. Hopefully more info will keep coming about the truck.

Here is there web site, if you would like to check out the pics

The vids


If anyone has, or finds any more info on it, please let us know. Thanks.
Looks good Rubix, I too have been eyeing this truck. I am not sure if it will be released as no new info has been released for awhile.
I'm betting it's going to be a pretty penny with all that aluminum. The layout reminds me of a HPI Savage.

That last I heard, they were trying to keep it around a grand in price. But with that much alum, I bet it will be higher than that.

Nice av turtle. Not as nice as the other one, but still a keeper.
If they get that thing out even close to a grand w/all that aluminum, It'll be a miracle, or scare me!

Thanks, she's a definately a keeper. I've been thinking about changing my other one but can't bring myself to do it!
I believe I heard April or May but not sure if thats for real. Someone posted they actually got a email from him stating that. Last time I saw him post on the truck was in 05. Sure would be a nice addition to the fleet of 1/5's. And if he somehow got it under teh 1000 he thought OH MAN would that sell.
I just emailed them...I asked when they planned on realeasing it and what the estimated price would be. Hopefully they will reply. I think the truck looks incredible and I see it has the 2 speed..NICE!!...I have a FG Stadium hummer already but one more truck couldn't hurt. LOL!
Here is the link to the videos on there web site. Pretty much the same thing in the vids. I would love to see it get some air, and some longer wfo runs. In the vids, it does seem pretty nible for it's size. Looked like it soaked up the landings from the jumps really well. Video #1 desn't work well.


Since the air filter is on the top side, on the prototype, I wonder how you would be able to mount a pipe, or a exhaust system of some kind on it. Wouldn't the exhaust port be facing the bottom of the truck? That might change during production perhaps.

Totally reminds me of a savage.
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I've sent them two emails and no reply....I think these people are pulling our chains...I mean if the were developing the truck I can understand taking long, but what the hell the truck is already running(and apparently pretty strong) so whats the hold-up? Many companies release products to consumers and then wait for feed back to fix things they did'nt see. I'm not sure I'd want them to do the same with this truck being that its probably gonna be a chunk of change but I'm getting a lil anxious!
proper marketing, production company to find, financing to aquire for mass production as matial, motors, rims tires, bodys, ect...
alot of GREAT RCs never get to market becuz of the above things.
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