Kam kit issues

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Anyone with a KAM 4X4 kit issue please post, i have talked to them, and i want to know who else needs a longer chain to fix their problam.
Don't get me wrong, I am disappointed in the kit but this is the best way to learn and I do love the idea of a 4x4. Kit is still running and most issues can be resolved but the more we all share the more we will improve the results. Be sure to check and threadlock all the factory installed screws and hexes, ours loosened in several spots and did some damage... Yeah I would love to see it work the way it was advertised but in no way is this the seller's problem. Would love to have a Kami engineer come over and explain himself tho
I would like to see a KAMI engineer install one of his "kits" and get it to work as advertised.

We as customers should not have to be redesigning and making better, that is up to the mfg. I would send the kit back to the mfg and tell them to send it back to me when the problems are rectified.

As a manufacturer they should be embarased selling a product with such design flaws. They need to step up and take some responsability.
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