Kamitiro 4x4 buggy fooling around

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no Kamitiro is a company making upgraded parts for the FGs and Harms, Laughterbachers ect...
this is their first fully designed and built large scale R/C.
MCDs are way over priced $1500 for a rolling 4x4 chassis... no engine.

You can get 2 of the MCD clones with engines for about the same price as the MCD from this place

heres the buggy

here the truck

I just bought the buggy from them....i think its a good deal for a 4x4 anything the only other place the sell 4x4 truck that I link is here but it cost $1300

Let us know how it runs and everything (throw up some pics too!). I've been wondering about those.

is the driver not an idiot?

why does he drive where there are so many people?
he could hit a child - idiot i say
That is a really old video. I have not heard of anyone on the few forums I visit owning one or any reviews. 4x4 looks real cool. As for bashing with people definitely a stupid thing must be a family get together or you would think someone would tell him to knock it off.:no:
hellya, if you are the hellya I know of, welcome its been a long time since your postings and It's good to see you around still.:)
i just got my new MCD clone,

i just bought my new mcd clone , and man they are almost the same as the mcd, everything fits on them both, and this thing flies, i see no difference , other than the tires and rims are diff. but they fit each other, and that is about it , other than the price, is so much lower, ...but thumbs up for the clones
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