Kamitiro 4X4 Kit?

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If I'm not mistaken RCNH's was fiddling with putting one together. I read a post on a marder install a while ago and they found some difficulties in the installation but I never stuck around to find out how it performed. Would be interesting though allot less then the 1500US I've been seeing. I think if it worked I might be interested in saving up for it.:cool2:
I remember something about RCNH putting one together but I think things have been kinda busy there ( that time of year with the weather changing and people spending tax returns). As for the other install on a marder, if it's the same one I thinking of, it turned out the problems were from a bent chassis. But I gotta agree it seems like a good alternative to spending 1500.00 on a whole new car. If you hear anything else please post away.

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