Killer rc 7.4v 6000mah


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Ok new to the lipos. My questions is i just got 7.4v 6000mah killer rc an after reading up before first use it says to balance the lipo first so my question is what are the proper settings for this battery i no 7.4 2s but how many amps also anybody no the c rating on this battery. An is there any other settings i need to no when charging lipos. Hopefully this battery is still ok because i bought it back in december but just finally open it an return window is closed now i didnt no you were suppose to check the cells right away to make sure its not defective.


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charge it at >=1C or less than 6 amps which shouldnt be a problem unless you have a very expensive charger. If your thinking of charging that lipo with the included wall charger I wouldnt. The issue is if for whatever reason if one of your cells crashed (lost its voltage) you would be giving the remaining cell double the voltage it needs and that would heat it up. The wall charger is a constant trickle charge and thats fine for NIMH batteries like the ones that came with the car but please take this to heart, LIPOs are NO JOKE. When they go they go hot and fiery and nothing will stop it until its done burning down. And the very best you could hope for if that happened to a 6000mah lipo is that it only destroys your car, fills your home with thick acrid smoke and covers everything in a layer of greasy fine black soot (speaking from experience).
That being said, if you treat them right lipos are the best. Buy yourself a voltage monitoring inexpensive hobby grade charger, you really should ballance charge lipos every time not to say you cant quick charge them once in a while, you can.
Read this from the MaxAmps page, its direct and to the point.

Sorry if that was long winded, I JUST fried a lipo from treating it carelessly,Believe me it will make your like flash before your eyes.