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Well, I spent 4 hours installing that thing last night. My first "dive" into large scale maintenance/upgrading. It was everything I thought it would be but without decent instructions from Duratrax! The exploded view helped, but I didn't have it printed off so it was a lot of running back and forth between truck and computer. That is one nice alloy mount though!

I noticed:
  • The large mount is a slight bit taller than the stock one.
  • The rear bulkhead brace that attaches to the mount is now at a bit of an angle. It's tight and won't move, but I was a mildly disappointed that it didn't fit together as well as I had hoped. I'm going to shim up the brace around the other two screws so it is level.
  • Positioning that engine back into place with the lower pinion gear lining up with the diff was a :censored:. After I got it all together it dawned on me at that point that I should have put the silicone in between the front and back part of the diff to keep out the rocks. Double :censored:!!!!
  • I need to purchase a good heavy duty set of allen wrenches. I think I stripped about 5 of them!
  • I was really impressed with how "tight" everything was on the truck. Meaning, the set screws were heavily threadlocked in very well. I would usually expect an ARR to have a few screws loose (my E-Maxx sure did).

All in all, it was good to tear into it. It was fairly simple. Sitting at the table with such a large rc vehicle seemed kind of funny. That thing is so huge I feel almost "dwarfed" next to it.
After the alloy mounts and the steel pinion mine was solid.
The only problem I had after that was the transmission mount would loosen abit and have to be re tightened from time to time even with blue lock tight.
The trans mount is that litle triangle piece on the rear that is over the diff.
If it comes loose it will effect your gear mesh between the diff and the other gear.
You're talking about this one, right?

This is the piece I need to shim up. I'll keep watch on it!


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Even the stock one on my Fh did not mesh correctly. Just bend it to work, If you use any washers you will loose length into the plastic and it will work out twice as fast. You may try to use some type of adhesive that you can put on the screw head to seal it to the brace temporarily and see if it helps the back out problem. You will want to check them often cause they do back out on both clones and FG.


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You're right on the screw length. I'm not going to shim the brace. I'll crank it down tight! Good info, thanks guys!
I locktighted the metal already. I wasn't sure about superglue in the plastic though. How difficult is it to work the screws loose if I have to get in there?
Once you use super glue you will need to always use it for that item. It is great to use for permanent items cause it melts the plastic around the screw threads and molds it there for a tight fit but, when you remove it, it takes some plastic with it. Sprinkle some more in the hole and the process starts all over. If you use some type of sealant such as ZAP you may be able to put some on the head and seal it to the brace which may hold it. Zap is also a great body repair sealant that holds VERY well but still allows flexibility.


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hey I have the FH has any one try too put a 2 speed trans in it I have the jetpro pipe a K&n filter now I want a nother gear what do you guys think or am I nuts has any one put led lights on them :helpsmilie:
I don't think you are nuts. I have a Losi Aftershock and I *love* the sound of it when it shifts. I think the gas trucks would sound awesome too. Here is the FG part number for their 2 speed tranny: FG07451. Now whether or not that works with a Firehammer or FHMT is not known to me, here is a link to that expired Ebay auction that some dude had added a 2 speed to his Firehammer LINK.
FG gears will not work with the Fh set up. You could install the FG two speed but would need to change out the large motor mount, gear plate and pinion, and thats with the FIreHammer not sure if the Fg stuff even works with the FHMT? The lg motor mount is different size the the FireHammer. I would say not worth the cash - Go for a pipe if you haven't yet. If you haven't upgraded the motor that would be the next step.:)
hey I have the FH has any one try too put a 2 speed trans in it I have the jetpro pipe a K&n filter now I want a nother gear what do you guys think or am I nuts has any one put led lights on them :helpsmilie:

Here is the photo from the car sold on Ebay. If you look closely they converted the parts to FG like in my above post ^^^.


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2 speed

Hi biger ya I have a mill now and I plan to buy one and modify it and a lot of other parts and make some new ones but thanks for looking out for me
Thank you
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