Large Scale Rock Crawler

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Personally i think you might have to make a chassis from scratch, I haven't really seen a 1/5th with the necessary clearance to crawl well, let alone the articulation. There was this kid on RCpoo who used to post a pic of the same chassis everytime he could - the project never really went anywhere - all we ever saw was the same old pics, but it would be cool to see one actually done, there may even be a few out there but none that I know of
I second that - almost all of what I've seen of the custom builds is nitro, yet some are relatively large which would suggest being able to add in a gasser. The added weight would mean needing larger servos and more rigid chassis, though. Perhaps something like a Firehammer MT could be modded, but building one from scratch would probably be more satisfying. Either way, I say go for it!
Alright well just an update I think a large scale gas powered RC car is a little to ambitious for me. Only the 4x4 MCD MT looks like a good start but that will be another time. So instead I decided to do it with a 1/5 scale Gorilla max 4x4 with brushless. Just need to gear it down I will post pictures soon.
Large Scale Crawler

Actually, I am starting on one now. I figure this would be perfect for my first post. It's has Solid axles, 4-Link Cantilever Suspension, 1/4 Scale Giant Servos (Front & Back), 4-Wheel Steering, a 29cc stroker motor, Billet Transfer Case w/Steel Gears, Billet Axles, Billet Wheels, Jumbo Kong Tires, & Stainless Brakes on Transfer case (Front & Back), and Locked Axles (Front & Back). The first one is going to be geared for a little more speed (& diffs) for bashing rather than crawling. The next one will have a full blown gear reduction w/ brakes that grab when you let off the gas so it doesn't roll back at all. At full articulation the rear axle is on the ground and the front axle is damn near at 90°. If work would ever lighten up I might get some free time to start machining the components. I've got all the design work comes the fun part. I'll keep everyone posted with progress posts & pics! Btw...Hello All!
now thats sound like a hell of a job puting it together im also very intresded how it will work with that size motor 29cc wow but then also wont be much of a crawler anymore will it or am i missing somthing but sill very:cool2:
The one that I'm working on now has diffs and higher gear ratio for bashing in the back yard and parks. The next one (crawler series) is going to have a way lower gear ratio and locked diffs front and back along with brakes that lock when you let off the gas so the clutch doesn't disengage and it roll back down the rocks or hill. You can never have too much motor! :D Later down the line I plan to just add a reduction unit between the motor and tranny so the same transfer case can be used. Does anyone know where to get different bodies for the large scale trucks? I've seen the FG and MCD's. Is there any other "aftermarket" bodies out there?
I've seen that one. I don't know about it though. Looks a little too big. The tires aren't really for crawling and I have a feeling it probably Isn't the most agile. Mine is being built around both worlds...somewhat like a Clod. Lower it, put sway bars on it, and change the gearing quick and it's fast and agile. Raise it, take the sway bars off, and change the gears back and you've got a crawler. The NewEra model is cool looking...especially with the tube chassis but I question the performance. Anyone have a video of one? Plus, that price tag hurts too...
Radio Control Car Action did a review on this car 3 or 4 years ago i a Monster truck special issue.

i think you could find some films on you tube. iknow there is one. but that car is eqipped with a Conley v8 engine
Figured out any optional solutions for a clutch? I cant imagine a stock clutch would hold out to long in crawling conditions.
I've seen that conley powered one. Crazy...that's all I have to say about it. Motors are a lil on the expensive side though. Does anyone know if there is a video out there that has on go full bore? Still a little too big for our area though. 5th & 6th scale is perfect.
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