Large scale wheelie bars

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Here is my new Wheelie bar that I bought from the Market place here. I found I needed to reinstall the rear bar so that the wheelie bar had something to push back against and not bend the chassis. It has some sort of rubber flex deal in the center that allows the bar to flex slightly up and down to take out the chance of bending but, it also will push against the rear bar if there is too much force. I will get a chance to try it out once it stops raining.:boat:

I thought I would start off with a photo of mine and add the others I have seen in my wheelie bar quest. Add yours please! The more ideas the better for us all to ponder over.:)

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Nice! :)

I will probably buy myself one in the near future... But isn't it a bit expensive do you think? :shuriken:

Yes it is. I have found that you will need one that has some type of support in the rear that will not allow the rear chassis to flex or bend.
The cheapest way from what I hear is to buy some parts from FG and some alluminum rod and make your own.
Needed for this setup:

2 pack fg part number 7021.
8mm aluminum rod, you can get them from any hardware.
Use any wheel you would like.


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Hey Bigger..looks nice! I doesn't look as big once its installed. Have you tried it out?

Not yet still raining.:no:

It did look really big when I got it out of the box but after install it blends right in. Hope to test it out when we dry out, hopefully soon.
I know this is kinda simple but man it works reallly good.And its tough no flex and not going to break.I made this for doing some strait line sand/street dragging.All hand made by a Carpender lol.
Yamadudes wheelie bar is the one i was speaking of, i just couldnt remember who made it or where i saw it. Only thing i could remember was it was cooler than most if not all of the bars available.

Any one ever purchased stuff from the FG-Hop ups site. some of those exhaust systems look cool. I like the side pipe with the dual side exhaust pipes, however looks maybe all there is too that system. Wouldnt putting a long stinger like that on a tuned pipe kill the performance gains of adding the tuned chamber? I may buy it reguardless, ill darn sure find a way to mount that system on my cheesy Smartech big foot.
different wheelie bar thread is where i mentioned the homemade wheelie bar. Props Yama i like that, it looks awesome.

Man thats some cool exhaust systems, LOL. sorry couldnt help it.
Here's mine. Wasn't hard to make and it raised the diff up about 3/16 of an inch. I just drilled some angle to match the holes in the rear end of the chassis, and added an old skateboard wheel that my son had lying around with a bolt for an axle. Works pretty good and keeps me from denting up my pipe.

Backyard Fun 021 (600 x 453).jpg

Backyard Fun 007 (600 x 450).jpg

Backyard Fun 022 (600 x 453).jpg
Nice job.:cool2: Like how the add stiffens the rear. What was the reason to add the second aluminum dowel in the 2nd photo?

Just to add some side to side strength. The second pic is what I'm running now, the first and third was the first attempt. I used a thinner angle and it bent on impact from a bad landing. I switched it over to 3/16" and haven't had a problem since.:)
makes you wonder how they got a price of 60-100 bux out of maybe 10 bux worth of parts. The wheelie bars available online appear to be simple to make for the amount of cash they want for them.
Very cool. I think I'll give it a try. Dumb question...I see what the angle is, but what part of the hardware store would I find that in? Thanks
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