Largescale Owners around the GTA

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Milton,On CANADA
Hey guys,

I thought about posting this list here. Some of us are on other forums so the names may look familiar!

1. Joe (Selwa) Lauterbacher Supercross, Spektrum (Milton,On) Spektrum
2. Graham (aka venom813) HPI Baja 5b, Downtown Toronto
3. Carl (Flyingblind) HPI Baja 5B (in little pieces, awaiting re-build) FG Competition (McClaren F1 body, M3 GTR body)
4. Nino (RC Superman) Fg Mosnter Beetle HPI Baja 5b Barrie Ontario right by BMC
5. Brian (Gump), Thornhill, Baja 5B, DSM
6. Doug (Cyclops) Lauterbacher Supercross, Spektrum, Hamilton
7. Ed (offroader) HPI Baja 5B, Bigfoot truck, Heavily Modified FG Leopard Race Toronto Spektrum
8. Michael (speedygonzales) HPI Baja 5B Etobicoke Spektrum
9. Minh (Chop Suey) - FG MT - Kitchener Spektrum
10. Marcus (Marcus) Moddified Leopard and the one and only Marder Jetcar Spektrum Barrie
11. Ron (The Roc) HPI Baja - Scarborough / Stock HPI FM Tx/Rx - #3
12. James (James22ca) FG MT5 w/ spektrum (Bolton)
13. Ned (SnakeEyes) Baja5b Maple
14.Darold (DVP) Lauterbacher Supercross - Brighton
15. Peter (Peteryorkuca) Baja 5b Nomadio React Maple
16. Dom (Toss) FG Leoppard Race, 3Pk futaba Markham
17. Sam(Aqwit) Duratrax Firehammer Buggy and M/T Kingsville,On
18. Scott (Gerald) 8 baja5bs Spectrumdx3.0, React Woodstock
19. Sukh Parmar (Kalibaba) Baja5B, Victoria, BC
20.Pete (Rock Buster) Firehammer Buggy and Fg leopard, Kirkland lake,On
21. Kwakr FG MT Thornhill,On
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Here we go!!!!

1. Joe (Selwa) Elcon MMX and Losi 6ix, Futaba 4PL (Milton,On)
2. Shane (Savage4U2NV) Losi 5ive, Futaba 4PL, (Mississauga,On)
3. Brian (Gump), Thornhill, Losi 5ive,
4. Ed (offroader) HPI Baja 5B, Heavily Modified FG Leopard Race, FG Baja 4wd
Toronto Spektrum
5. Marcus (Marcus) Marder Jetcar Spektrum Barrie
6. Dom (Toss) FG Leoppard Race, 3Pk futaba Markham
7. Dan (Neurojack) HPI Baja 5B, Losi 5ive, Traxxas XO-1 Aurora
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