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Isend all my friends there, they always call me back, answer all my stuipid questions , send me parts if missing in shipments like screws gasgets and such and there website is dedicated to largescalerc only so you don't have to fish around the site and see junk like scooters motercycles and 8th scale cars you don't need, and the prices are far with other venders outthere. troy and scott are just nice guys and you feel like your getting a good deal. i bought my marder and my mcd. when i got mcd i recived the wrong batt pack, he sent me the right one the next day no questions asked.
A++++++ Super, great, awesome!!!! Troy and Scott have helped me out so many times.

Trucker, what did you get for a body?
A++++++ Super, great, awesome!!!! Troy and Scott have helped me out so many times.

Trucker, what did you get for a body?
I got the stockcar body, but the body I ordered was for the 535 wheelbase which should have been a VS(frank killam) body Vo2505 acording to thier part number, but what I got from them was a Molzer monte carlo body and its waaaaaaaay to short, its really too short for the short wheelbase cars also,I emailed them a couple days ago about it but havn't heard from them yet, I'l wait a few more days and if I don't get an email I will call them, maybe they were out of the one they had pictured or maybe just a oversite,I'm not to concerned yet,,,,,,,, on another note,I think I have another guy down your way interested in 5th scales,he is from Lisbon-lisbon falls he races offroad with us at our club in litchfield,you should come up some time and catch some off-road racing, we run thursday nights, we have a pretty good crowd and we race under the lights!
U will need to call them, email they usually don't get back to you for a week. Give them a call, they will fix it.

U running up to Sparetime recreation? (if that is the name of it?) I'll bring the MCD and see how the they like it. :')


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don't forget pics and Vid is always welcomed too! Nice work on the Trailer Too. ready for a Caravan race. That looks like it would be a FUN Race.
there's that new website called they r building it and they also sell on ebay. i bought a carson devil off them and i was soooo happy wiv the product but it takes 12 days to receive it because it's from the manufacturer smartech itself. the people are very nice and reply to messages very fast. i saw the price and i couldn't beleive it, it's really cheap but the delivery time is 12 days but it's worth it. better buy on ebay cuz on their website it's a bit more expensive but stil very cheap. i want the mcd everyones talking about. which will go faster ? the carson devil or the mcd ? what ya reckon?
LargeScaleRC is great to do business with - that's where I've bought my FG Monster Truck as well as many hop-ups for the FG Truck as well. Troy knows how to take care of business!

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