Layshaft for spur gear??

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mastino mike

Hi all, where can I find the a layshaft for the main drive? I have a 26cc clone that is compatible with the firehammer mt?? I also need a large alloy motor mount.
Tower Hobbies is your best bet ( for the layshaft. As for the large alloy motor'll be happy to know you'll get the opportunity to order from Germany, unfortunately, the only place to order from. If you go with them, get a steel pinion gear as well. The shipping will cost about $40 bucks so make it worth your while! (I'm in the midwest and get my order in about 8 days)
Large Mount

Pinion Gears (any of these pinions will fit. I have a 17t and 19t)

Here are all the Carson parts:

Option Parts

Post any other questions, I have a Firehammer MT with the steel pinions, steel spur, Carson ball drive set, and an alloy diff housing.
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What is the carson ball drive set and should I get it?? I have steel pinions now but I don't have the metal spur gear carrier. Ill order that from Germany also. What else should I get thats a must. I have already-
Jet pro mt5
Red spring clutch
1/4 scale steering servo
Upgraded alloy diff.
Upgraded airfilter.
Check out this thread (with pics and link to Hobbythek ball drive set): ball drive

I just bought mine recently. The ball drive set is basically your inner and outer outdrive shafts and instead of a "dogbone" you have a bone with 3 balls on the end. You will no longer snap shafts with this setup. It isn't prone to the binding that can occur with a regular shafted dogbone end. I was just having problems with my dogbones snapping. If you do decide on it, make sure you get the extra balls. I'm glad I did because naturally, I dropped one in my garage.

I think you have everything else covered. The steel spur isn't necessary (I love mine, not a messed up tooth on it) but the steel carrier would probably be a nice to have. You can use an FG 48t steel spur and carrier (probably cheaper to order in the states). The FG pinions will NOT work though. The pitch is slightly different. I can't really think of anything else. Tower has a few blue alloy parts for the Firehammer MT (hub carriers, shock towers) but other than that, I think you are golden.

How are the red springs? I have them but have yet to install.
Gotta get that ball drive, I haven't put my spring and shoes in yet trying to get my layshaft issue resolved. I cant remove the gear thats drives the diff the grub screws are stripped. The nut that my brakes ride on is stripped and moving on the layshaft. Im dead in the water.
Try this, use a solder gun/iron and hold it against the set screws until they get hot. Make certain that your allen wrenches aren't actually stripped. I found I've stripped the allen wrenches before my set screws were stripped.

The heat of the solder gun helps to soften the threadlock. Try that out. I had stripped a motor mount screw on the bottom of mine and worked like hell to finally get it out.

Oh yeah, large alloy motor mount too if you order from Hobbythek. That's a must have in my opinion.
Yeah I tried the solder gun, after I stripped the grub screws. lol I was able to remove only one screw. Alloy engine mount is on the list. Ill order tomorrow when I get paid. My wife is pissed off at me. Oh Well! Thanx for the help.
Crap! Time to beat the living :censored: out of it!

The wife will get over it. Mine has gotten used to little packages showing up on occasion. :)
Hobbythek is the sh**, I ordered my parts on monday and got them on sat. Thats sweet! I didnt order the ball drive set yet, I will be ordering that next pay day. Ive had to wait over a month with other overseas vendors.
layshaft, large alloy engine mount, pinion gear for layshaft and that nut that the brakes ride on. I don't mind paying for the shipping. They have everything I need in stock. Ill get the ball drive set next. They respond to my emails the same day. My truck is still tore down. I have and upgraded diff, brand new, should I check to see how much diff oil is in it or what? Never screwed with a diff before?
The diff is a pain in the ass, well...somewhat.

Lining up the gears can be a bit of a pain, just take your time with it. I just packed mine with lithium grease. I only took mine apart because I blew my original one (the diff housing broke) and I replaced it with the alloy diff housing (and all new gears).

They are super fast at responding to e-mails. I think more american companies should do the same thing.
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