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what do u guys think about using leaded fuel for the added lubrication? i can get it at $4 a gallon near my house. if i cut it with 89 octane i can bring it down to 96 octane leaded gas.
REALLY? i was always under the impression they just stopped makeing it.
I used to LOVE the smell of leaded gas. Almost Honey Sweet Smelling.
shiz i may have to run to the total gasstation in the next lil town from mine for a good old fashioned 70s gas smell fix...lol no wonder all these guys are giggy on the race fuel. it s not the fuel its the buzz and the lead smell they are all ga ga over.. sign me up! lol
Leaded fuel serves no purpose and can actually harm a a 2 stroke motor.
Lead was a lubricant for the valves / seats in a 4 cycle engine.
It is only a lube so to speak. In a 2 stroke all it does is cake up and collect in the combustion chamber. You guys may not remember the old days, but we had to clean the lead out of the bike motors in the 70's. Amoco was one of the first to produce a lead free gas (before the law) and that took care of the lead problems in the bike motors.
So keep the lead out of 2 strokers. Lead is only good for old motors (4 cycle) that needed it to keep the valves from taking a beating on no lead.
Since the inception of no lead the car motors valve system have been built to do away with needing the lead. Lead is a waste and causes deposits in a 2 stroker. Another hype of leaded gasoline being good,,,, NOT !!! for us........
I use Colman Lantern fuel (white gas). Doesn't stink up the basement like gasoline does and it runs great. I remember back in the day I used to get white gas from the local gas station for my bikes and snowmobiles. Oh the good ol' days:cool2:
do u guys like the white gas? im waiting to hear back from Doug (ESP) about his opinion on using it in one of his motors.
Doug will tell you he never used it I think.

Many are useing it with great success.
mix the same as you do with rego gas

tuning is about the same too.

only thing to remember is DO NOT STORE IT in a Metal Can once you mix it. some have reported possibly oil seperation from white gas when stored in Metal.
My Baja has never tasted gasoline and it never will. It is clean and has better lubricity than gas and of course no odor. Yep the price is up as gasoline goes up. Tim I'm not sure about that "myth" and the metal can storage once mixed.
Besides doesn't everyone shake their gas can regardless of the fuel before you use it? :)
what do u guys think about using leaded fuel for the added lubrication? i can get it at $4 a gallon near my house. if i cut it with 89 octane i can bring it down to 96 octane leaded gas.
Leaded fuel has no purpose in a 2 cycle engine as it will just cake up on the top of the piston. Lead was an additive to lube the valves and valve seats in a 4 cycle engine. Now they have been built to remove the need for lead as a lubricant. You do not need all that octane unless you have some out of this world compression and even then all you need is 91-93 unleaded.
High octane does not make more power, it's only use is to prevent detonation from compression. In fact if you don't need the octane the fuel can make your Baja run hotter. Because it is more resistant to detonation it burns slower and creates a slower and longer combustion time which just adds to more heat soak into the engine. You might see better power from Camp Fuel as it burns quick and clean. The octane rating is only about 55-60 but don't get fooled by numbers. They are only numbers and it's the results that matter.
the only reason i was looking into leaded fuel was to cut down on the smell. im basicly out of gas so thats why i thought i would give the coleman a shot. the only thing i have to make sure is that it wont hurt my new motor that Doug built. also i have never heard about the metal can thing. what did people do when all we had was metal cans?
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good question on the metal cans ,but back then it was real castor, not synth, maybe thats the differance.

FWIW. Heli guys have been flying their 5 Grand Plus gasser helis on white gas for YEARS. if they fly a 5grand heli with it, then you ll be good with your 2 grand surface vehicle.
Have you seen the price of White Gas lately? Even the Walmart Ozark brand is near $6 gallon around me.

Still worth it for the no-smell, but wowsa.

Have you purchased Nitro fuel lately? $25+per gal for 20% and I used to run 33% in my traxxas 3.3's @ $30 per gallon. I can run all season on coleman fuel for that price. BTW Sellinmg all of my nitro cars:)
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