Li-Po on a FG

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in most cases you ll need a regulator for voltage control with a lipo.

there are a few guys doing lipo with their Bajas, and i recall seeing a few do it with their FGs too. Lipo is a good power, but just has a few things that need to be monitored like voltage, chargeing ect.

Lipos also need a Lipo charger.

I was at the lhs and they have alot of lipo's, I know I need a regulator, lipo charger and a lipo battery that is the largest I can get into my FG

$30 Regulator NOVAK
$60 Battery Venom
I never got a price on the charger, but I know I need a special one, Venom makes one that balances and charges the cells individually, makes using Lipo's easier.
Is there a fear of the Lipo just falling off in power? I know I use Lipo's in my helli but I can safely land in time before it dies off enough to drop out of the sky. I would be scared it drops off and you loose control WOT and BANG.:(
yeah you'd need something that will cut the power if it falls under 3v per cell for safety and so i imagine a darn good failsafe/killswitch setup too. I know monotheist runs a lipo setup in his MCD but I'm not sure what his total setup his, if he doesn't see this, try a PM to him and see what he's running
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