Like the tutorials anymore coming for the FG?

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Hi, just read the diff upgrade tutorial and just about to read some of the Baja ones. I realy like the tutorials is there going to be anymore for the FG?
not yet. we ll have to hang for most the FG guys to follow suit and make them up as they do things.

with the baja being new still at just about a yr old. theres still alot of new things being found out. its also brang alot of new people into not only large scales but the R/C world as well.

Hopefully soon.

Yes you can count on more tutorials being completed. Some of these tutorials take time to write up and take the needed pictures. Everyone that is working on them have full time jobs of their own so it just takes a little time. I've got a few more articles I plan on writing and as I purchase new stuff for my FG you can bet I'll be adding them as well.

I just finished up on the DDM Dominator low-end pipe install/review for the FG and Eddy just finished reviewing/installing the Turtle Racing diffs for the Baja.

Right now only three people are doing tutorials - FastEddy, Bigger the Better, and myself. Any other member that would like to write tutorials for LSF for ANY large scale rc please PM me!

Thanks Woodie, don`t get me wrong i like to be able to ask qusetions on a problem and usualy get an answer the same day on forums, but you can`t beat a tutorial with pics to show exactly what people mean. Maybe just my opinion!:)
I have a few more in the works for the Baja.
Ill have to say, It takes a while to make them.
Im glad to hear that people do like them and find value. I know the others that are making them feel the same.
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