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Laval, Quebec
Hey everyone, I'm looking for something a little specific. Anyone know where I can find really stiff springs, for use on my project car Mini-mo? The shocks are from a T-Maxx thus the ID of the current springs is 15.5 mm, and they're roughly 85 mm long. Right now I've got some stiff ones on, but there's still too much slop in the driving.


Yeah, Canadian Tire over here's got some springs but their ID is about 18 mm. A touch too large, and they're still a little soft.
I have not - where would you procure these "Genny" springs. Are they stiffer than Maxx springs, in general, and do you by chance know any of the dimensions? I wasn't able to find too many pics, except of the Genesis itself.
most any CEN Dealer should be able to get springs. i think they are a bit stiffer, but don't have the exect dimensions. if you locate a CEN dealer, LHS< they ll be able to get you most of that info you are seeking.
Thanks, next time I pass by my LHS I'll inquire. In the mean time, I thought of perhaps a store nearby that specializes mostly in industrial replacement bearings and springs. Perhaps they can order up something special.
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