Looking to buy first 1/5 scale truck

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I am looking into buying my first 1:5 scale mt and would like to see opinions on the fg in comparison to the mcd on reliability ect. I would also like to know about the fg titan, is it an fg 4x4 product or is it some company buying fg's and converting them?
The Titan is actually made by Smartech. I think this is an original design by them. I don't believe FG has an official offroad 4wd vehicle. If I was going to purchase one, I would go with the MCD, it will cost you more but I've read great things about them. They don't have an engine or a radio though.
If your looking for 4 wheel drive buy a 4x4 it will be cheaper in the long run and better made then the after market 4x4 system available at this time for FG. Are you looking for a truck or will a buggy like the Baja work? Not sure i have ever longed for a 4 wheel drive (yet).:)
Good luck on your journey no matter what you pick in 1/5 scale you will love it.:cool2:
CBR; Just a few questions:
How much money do you want to spend initially?
What kind of places do you see your self driving at?
Are you handy with the tools?
Do you wan't to race against other cars, if so what type?

Most of us here have more than 1 large scale and you soon realise that some are better than others depending on what you expect from them!

Let us know and well try to help.
MCD are very heavy and somewhat unforgiving because of this when compared to FG and HPI buggies. Rwd is so much more rewarding to drive, the 4wd is more point and shoot but is a whole different story in terms of drifts and big rock slinging powerslides - thats where th 4wd becomes fun. If you're looking for the fastest way round a track the 4wd is the go but you'll be hard pressed getting any wheelies if that floats your boat. Go with your instincts, get any of them. Chances are like allanach says you will be looking elsewhere soon as no one car will have everything you need, then sooner than later you're a 2 stroke junkie!
Bigger I have a 1995 900rr with the white, purple, and flo yellow paint scheme.

Man, I wish I still had mine....

I made a personal decision when I had my kids. I gave up my motorcycling.:(
I'm not so worried about myself but those others on the road. I have many people I know including family that have been run off or almost hit from unattended drivers on there bikes.:no:

Someday, maybe I will get one again? Or maybe I can use my loss to my gain - Honey, I don't have a bike anymore but, how about a new Rampage instead?:clown:
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