Marder, Beetle, and Marder Off Road Racer?

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What the difference between the Marder, Beetle, and the Monster Beetle. They seem to share the same manual.

Then there is the Marder Off road racer. It has a different manual but seems to be the same.
All 3 are the same cars with different shells. The monster beetle has a the monster tires and 16/48 gearing instead of the marder/beetle 18/46 gearing. If I remember right the layshaft gear that meshes with the diff gear is smaller by a tooth or 2 than the marder/beetle too. Basicly all fg off roads are the same cars with different shells and gearing with the exception of the Leopard race. This car only has 60% of the marder,beetle parts. Some of the monsters have 8 shocks instead of 4 and different front arms to be able to use the double shock setup.
FG Marder and FG Beetle are the same car, with different shells.
FG Monster Beetle is the Beetle with MT wheels and a body modified to make room for the MT wheels.

Btw. The Beetle is out of production as FG did not want to pay exorbitant royalties to VW

The Marder Race is a Marder with several upgrades.

Front axe is more adjustable
Fitted with ball drive instead of weaker dog bones.
Comes standard with Steel Pinion (Essential upgrade)
Fitted with threaded Alu Shocks from the Leopard Race (much Stronger and more adjustabe than the std. marder shocks)
Fitted with the track widening Leopard race wheels with 170mm dia Supergrip tires.(wider and more stable, also has better free height than std. marder wheels)
These wheels also comes with a steel reinforceent ring, making the wheel square much more solid.
Fitted with the '97 rear brake which is much stronger than the dual disk marder setup.
If you want an FG with better handling and more upgrades, then look at the FG Leopard Race.

In addition to the upgrades on the Marder race it comes with an Alu rear Diff, which is MUCH more solid than the plastic diff on the other FG offroaders.

It also comes with a Tuned pipe.

If you add the Tuned Pipe and the Alu diff to the Marder Race price, then the Leopard race isn't expensive anymore.

The Leopard Race also has a better handling, due to a longer wheelbase, and that the Pipe is mounted between the front and rear wheels.
(I own one, and my opinion is coloured by that)
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