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i was nosin round on ebay before and after a look i was thinkin of changing the shell on my marder to somthing with a wrc look to it, i don't want a touring car cos i am off road most of the time so wanna keep the long suspension and spikey tyres, i noticed though that there was long and short wheel base shells, which one would i need so the wheels fit in the arches properly, also would wide offset wheels be ok or are they gonna make the track to wide and rub?
id love to get hold of a sierra sapphire cosworth shell as ive got one for real, has anybody ever seen one for sale or are there any places that could/would make a shell to order? ive got a feeling having one made would cost a small forture but just thought id ask.....
cheers in adance for any help and ideas.....
There are also the FG Pajero, FG Beetle, Molzer has the Asgard. These are all non WRC Shells. The WRC Cars are all longer wheelbase, and unless you lengthen your chassis they will not fit. Technokit now have a Subaru Impreza WRC body.

Good lock
measure the distance between the drive squares on center

485 is short wheel base
535 is long wheel base.
Retro Rally Maybe?

I forgot to mention that there are Mini Cooper bodies made for the Marder. So if you like old Mini's such as the ones that raced in the Monte Carlo Rally then this may be an option. It may require running cut slicks, or Off-road tires with shortened knobs.

Good luck
well after not selling my extra Bergonzoni, im very much debating on making it a Ralley Tourer, just need to change out rims/tires and re adjust the suspension for Ralley use over Onroad.
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