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My friends and I all bought the big scale together I have a FG MT, and the other 2 choosed the FG Buggy, and the 5B. The one with the 5b has a 30.5 and all together cost around 1700. he only used it 2-3 times and now it will not crank, he thinks it might be the ring. I am thinking the ring with only 2-3 times playing, not sure anyways he told me he would sell it for 1000.00. So I guess I am asking opinions on what the problem of it not cranking. We already check for spark and there is spark, none of the settings have been changed this was out of the box broke in and played with 2-3 times....
Might be that it have gon warm and the piston have been deformed a bit so it have locked up the ring. How is the compression in the engine? Do you get any resistance when pulling? It could ofcourse allso be flooded. Remove the sparkplug, hold it upside down and pull the starter a few times.

How was the condition of the engine when it died?
1700 seems a bit steep for a Baja with a 30.5? Is there any other hop ups? Is it just a SS or RTR with a bigger motor? After pulling and pulling then removing the spark is there gas coming out? (Flooding) In other words is it getting gas? It would take no time at all to remove the head and check it out, sleeve should be pretty scared if there is no compression unless it blew the head gasket and its leaking out?
It has a built 30.5, Jet Pro, outter skins, remote, and all electronics, batteries.... there was no gas smell I guess I am going to ask if I can take a look at it and find out whats going on before I buy it, but for 1000.00 I might try 800.00.
who built the motor? how did it run last outing? how did the motor stop last run? did it stop on its own, or was it shut down with the kill switch?

try a new plug yet? could be just a fouled plug.

Most of our motors have a fixed timing system and cannot change so timing should be OK. I still think its a fuel thing if its not getting flooded. :)
It pulls it just wont start. I had the same problem with my FG and I ended up having to reset my carb settings and it's been fine since then. These where only ran a few times my was not set from where I got it from but his was, so maybe he should resedet the needles....
its a place to start. i would also Seriously look at a flooded motor.

you d be AMAZED at how easy they flood out and how much fuel that case can really hold on to. lol
It really sounds like a fuel problem. If you pull and pull with the choke on and pull the plug and there is no fuel on the plug or in the head then there must be a block somewhere.
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