MCD Alloy parts

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Lookin nice mate. Top job. Actually they look nicer than the King Cobra ones I saw. Can the spings be replaced without having to remove the bottom piece as that was one of the issues I had with the King Cobra's?

Just wondering what made you decide to do this as your first mod.? Did you see it as the simplest/quickest part to make or had you heard about the breakages some users were having with the stock plastic piece?

For me the alloy upgrades im waiting on in order are:

1. Gear plate
2. Stronger "U" roll bar
3. Radio tray (although carbon would be even better)
4. Front brace (although carbon would be even better)
5. Center diff holders
6. Fuel tank brace
The springs slide off without having to remove the fork.
The fork looked like a really weak link so out goes the plastic in with the alloy, I had the shock apart to put 100wt oil in it so I thought stuff it fix the shock good and proper, goto make some offset bottom shock mounts next so the shock don't rub the drive shafts.
Also been drawing up some other parts
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