MCD alloy upgrades

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Nice work. You certainly don't waste any time do you. Had the Evo for a day and your already making parts...

I will be interested to hear how your forks go. I have read mixed thing's on the King Cobra ones as its been reported that the drive shafts rub on the sides of the forks.

Your going to be real popular soon if you continue to knock out cool upgrades like that. Barely anyone doing any form of aftermarket support for these things so the potential is there. Best bit is your a local so postage will be cheap and shipping will be fast. :celebrate:
Even out of the box the plastic forks were rubbing on the driveshafts, an offset bottom bracket should fix that ( thats next ) Could have something to do with the new suspension geometry
Maybe I just need a bigger hammer :hammer:
Does the rubbing get out of control? (actually break the plastic).. Those look better than the king cobra ones chicken lips.. Will you ship to the USA? If so I would love to order some parts from you..
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