MCD Baja 1000 first drive

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So I got my 1000 the other day and was able to take it out today for a run, so I thought I would give you my impressions of this thing.

1st, the bad news. In my haste to get this up and running, I must have made a mistake somewhere in the electronics, and it got away from me into a concrete barrier wall :helpsmilie: , it did a fair amount of damage, but all repairable, just not in the field. I still got a bit of driving time, and I can tell you a few things for sure, its handles very well in the sand, it also flies very level unlike the 5b which seems to want to nose dive the majority of the time.

There is some very nice and pretty innovative features in this car, but there are a few weak spots, but I think they will be relatively easy to fix. The one thing that I think annoys me the most is the pretty soft plastic used for the radio tray and front brace to the bulkhead, these should definitely be either aluminum or CF, probably aluminum sucks on compression forces, but the radio tray.....CF all the way.

I also would like to see some drive line boots, running as much as I do in the sand, I can see some potential for early wear without them. And on the topic of drive train, I think an aluminum gear block is a necessity as well.

Really the only other thing I think that I would like to see, is some form of front to back brace to give it a little more strength on frontal impacts.

That is it for now. I can already tell that I am going to have some fun making parts for this thing, it will be a little tough over the next few weeks with RCX coming, but I will see what I can get going.
Sorry to here you crashed it, how do you go on with sand not getting in the airfilter/carb as you know sand gets every where it should'nt, and where the tyres ok on the sand or did you replace them with different type of tread.. happy racing.........:)
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Well I think the crash is the best thing,becouse now you see what needs to be better built, so we can expect some great ugrades!
Mine came with a modified inner race runner shell that kept 99% of all the sand out of the main chassis / radio / engine area. The only thing I thought was an issue there were the exposed drive line ends at the outboard axle joints. I am going to try to fit some Baja 5b boots on them.
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