MCD Baja 1000 Video

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Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it. Well I thought it only cost me one rose joint and one wheel nut. However, I found out latter that I killed the front diff. The way I look at it, I had fun so it was well worth it!! Plus I just ordered the Limited Slip Diff for the front. It appears the gears in the LSD will hold up better to my type of driving, I can’t wait to put them to the test!! The tires on the Baja 1000 are FG stadium truck tires and wheels and the ones on the Monster Truck are the MCD stock wheels and tires.
I ordered the front MCD LSD part# 50—ASSY-LS-F1. If it performs well for me, then I will order the one for the rear, part# 50--ASSY-LS-R1. The good thing about the FS vehicles, besides the price, is they look like they will be able to use all of the MCD parts. If they are lacking in quality then you could easily upgrade them with MCD stock or alloy parts. I hear they take awhile to arrive, I hope you are a patient person, keep us updated with both pictures and a video. Picture below is of the LSD I ordered, looks much stronger than the stock diff.

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I havn't pulled one apart to see but I know it has more teeth on the internal gears. I don't think the cases are compatible as they list the new case under a new part number but until I strip one and have a look can't tell you.
The new differential looks very similar, but the internal gears are bigger and the Pins are thicker. Also the diff end Plate is Heavey Duty.

Because of the change in the Gear and pin size, they will not work in the old diff.
That looked like a great rc playground! Looked like you had fun, funny (well not really) both were taken out with a wheel injury. On the MT is the tank pressurizing or was the idle up high on it there for a while?
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On the MT is the tank pressurizing or was the idle up high on it there for a while?

The idle was high. I had a problem with the engine dying when I would hit the brakes. I didn’t want to take the time and play with tuning the engine so I just turned up the idle screw for the quick fix. As it turned out it wasn’t the engine, I somehow messed up my transmitter settings.
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