MCD Differential Question?

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I seem to be having a problem with the front diff on my Baja 1000. I have killed it twice now, once driving it as the Baja and the second time driving it set up as a Monster Truck. The fist time, I split two of the planetary gears in half. The second time, the gears got chewed up because two of the pins snapped (pictures below). I do not know if it is my driving style or if others have had similar issues with their diff’s? The gears are going to cost the same as a locked diff, so my other question is should I just install a locked diff (picture below) in the front? If I install the locked diff how will this affect the trucks handling? One more question, does the limited slip differential use the same gear set up and the regular diff? Thanks in advance for your guys help.

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Hi, I had a similar problem with my front diff on my Ex Race Runner, what I found caused it was that if you have to much play between the diif output shaft and drive cup, then the internal gears either side can hit each other.

To solve this, I ground the drive cup grub screws flat to give better grip on the output shaft, and using locktight on the shaft assembled it with minimum free play.
Thanks, if I do rebuild the current diff I will definitely try your tip. There are too many choices right now; I don’t know what direction I am going to go in. I did a little research and apparently the EVO 3 also as an updated diff gear set, the gears have more teeth and use lager pins. I do not know if the new gear set up will work with the older diff case, so I don’t know if this will be an option for me. I also found out that the limited slip diff uses a completely different gear set up, which to me looks a lot beefier (picture below). I am assuming the limited slip diff will fit on any MCD car or truck. However, it sure isn’t cheep at $240 but I think it would definitely hold up better then my current diff has. Once again thanks for your response.

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