MCD Diffs

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I asked the same Q. a while back and did not get a response. Unfortunately there is very little activity here on MCD's (actually there little activity on MCD's on any forum)

If you look at the exploded diff diagrams there doesn't appear to be any gaskets used which tells me they would not hold oil very well. I have some 30,000wt I want to try which might work as its super thick but anything less would probably just work itself out over a couple of runs. I reckon the majority of people are just using grease as standard.
i would imagine like any other rc. maybe a bit less often for general maintenance.

your right mono, this is a grey area. maintenance.
i try to go thru a good portion of my large scales every 3 - 6 months use dependant. or if i have alot of poop just not quite right. then i ll usually tear down, but wont dis-assemble sections if all is A Ok.

seems this is a personal preferance thing or when you have a major problem. lol
normal grease,grey grease or white grease all work well i use standard castrol lithium grease with no problem but i grease them every 2-3 months but i have grease nipples on my diff case with a cover instead of taking it to bits
you can change the wt of the fluid and get different results from the diff.

heavier fluid and grese will make the diff in more of a locked condition.
vis versa, a lighter fluid will result in more differential action.
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