MCD launch new Evo III cars

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MCD have released the first pictures of their new Evo III Baja 1000 and Racerunners, including a tarmac (on-road) version called the Super Buggy.

Pictures can be found at their home page (

The lower wishbones now have three positions for the anti-roll (sway) bar and there is a new plastic front bumper. It is not possible to tell whether the lower wishbones are attached to the car using pivot/hinge pins instead of plastic rose joints.

Hopefully there will be some close-up pictures posted from the trade show in Germany that opens tomorrow.

Have to say im pretty disappointed with that new front bumper design. Where’s the A-arm protection? Doesn’t look like it is going to do much more than the standard alloy one in a frontal collision.

If you take a real good look you can see the lower hinge pin arms (especially on the Baja pic) but again after spending a small fortune on upgraded alloy rose joints for mine I have no plans to make the switch.

Although im glad MCD are continuously developing new ideas 2 new models in the last 6 months is really going to de-value the prices for existing owners (not that you get into this hobby to make and as far as im aware MCD have yet to officially release conversion kits to give owners a chance to bring there cars up to current spec.

I must say though that new Super Buggy looks pretty cool even if it basically just a Race Runner with rally shocks and a set of tarmacs.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully more details will be revealed soon.

The Evo III cars also use a new flat pan chassis similar to the Rally car - no more kick up at the front.

I am happy that MCD continue to develop their products but releasing a new version so soon after the Evo 2 was launched is a big mistake. The performance of the Evo 2 Race Runner has generated a lot of sales for MCD in the UK and at the last race meeting there were 10 cars in the final.

I have only just finished upgrading my Race Runner to Evo 2 Comp spec and due to the non-availability of some of the new parts (wishbone extension etc) had no choice but to buy complete assembled lower wishbones and they were expensive.

I was told by the UK importer that the new (Evo III) suspension would only require the installation of new wishbones, pivot/hinge pins and new lower gearbox cases. It appears that a new chassis is required as well!!

The only positive thing is that the Evo 2 cars are more reliable in race conditions than the original cars and the top drivers have suffered no breakages.

The King Cobra plastic bumper has gone into production and should be ready next week. The cars in the pictures above have the prototype version installed. I will post pictures of my car when the new bumper arrives.

Yeah I noticed the flat chassis shortly after my post. Probably built the caster angle into the new diff cases instead of the chassis. As you say, another [major] expense if you which to bring your car up to current spec.

Im curious how the Evo2 cars are more reliable than the older model seeing as they both utilise the same rose joint equipped arm design unless of course there were other things that were breaking on there cars.

One of the team drivers (Ian Oddie) recommended changing to FG, HARM or Lauterbacher rose joints - they stronger than the MCD ones. The cars are being run with new limited-slip diffs so no more broken internal diff gears.

However, the biggest improvement is apparently down to the new suspension and the zero off-set wheels.

I have seen pictures and videos of the cars at the recent race meetings and they are being driven far harder than the 2WD cars. I don't think that my all-alloy HARM Bx1 buggy would have taken the same treatment that was being dished out to the Evo 2s.

It also helps that some of the best drivers in the UK (in the world in the case of Ian Oddie) have been able to make changes to the set-up of the cars.

When I started racing my car at the start of 2007 there were only three or four other drivers competing on a regular basis and none of these raced at the local tracks. It was an expensive learning curve for all of us. It was only the release of the Evo 2 cars in October that changed the situation here.

Those front A arms look a lot narrower and yes they have a pin through the arm instead of rose joints :celebrate:


nice parts but why not just do one good design

these updates are just a learning curve but we pay for it . Unfortunately.

Hope the new one comes out soon to see if it is better.

I will be interesting to see how durable this new design works out to be as my guess is there will be quite a fer diff casing breakages where the lower arm pin goes through as it appears from the photos the pin is only supported at each end only so really there's a few mm of plastic holding the arm on in much the same way as the older rose joint design.

....well as least thats what I will keep telling myself so I don't feel compelled to upgrade :clown:
weak point

Good point mono they could put a bit more meat in that area.

we'll see if it is better or not.

Why can't they get their act together and build it stronger ??

hi lads if they make it stonger that means it will be heavy and they are a bit on the heavy side or am i rong ?

i think its big mistake fg use rose joints all the time but i could be rong looking at the new fg 4x4 they have also gone with the pin system :no:

fg is ligter too . Have they released their 4wd yet ?? Has anyone been to the show guys??
Pls Post info for us living too far to attend .

Pictures too pls don't be shy guys .

Yes they have 4x4 now. You can see it in the FG part of the forum.

PS. There are no updates on the rally car?
The only update to the rally cars that I am aware of is the addition of the anti-roll (sway) bars front and rear.

The Monster Trucks have been upgraded and will use the Evo 2 suspension, although it is not clear if new zero off-set wheels will be needed.

There is no news on the drift cars yet.

RN Tuning have designed a new tuned pipe for the MCD off-roaders called "The Magic Bullit" and it should be released soon. It is very expensive at 269 euros and requires part of the rear/side bodyshell to be cut away when used in a Race Runner.


thank you Clive you are a great reporter and pls keep bringing more good news

Price on the new items ? it might be too early but you never know.

The pipe looks kinda cool in its raw state like that. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the Samba. For nearly $300E though it better perform bloody good as you can get a killer engine for that sort of money...
That pipe is sweet. RN tuning makes some of the baddest pipes out there. I was just going to email them to ask if they would be making one for the MCD. Thanks for the info and the pics!:)
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