MCD New Body shelll

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You have had left very pretty, the combination of colors that you have
chosen this very well

That it benefits.

Dyed rims

nice! how did you color the rims?

I dyed my white FG stadium rims yellow. In the UK we have a dying agent called Dylon. I used 2 small tins of the stuff, added 30 grams of salt mixed it together in a large metal container which held all 4 rims and boiled it (just simmering) for approx 1 hour. Pretty good result for my first try. :2guns:
Hi there

looks killer...
I have those rims off my LEOPARD I think will use them too . what a combo.
Man those bajas look KIIILLLEEERR....
How is it running ??

Any cons of the truck or problems??

Engine problems CY 29cc

The truck is brilliant, handles really well and goes like stink. Did fry my piston ring and needed new piston but once fitted went fine. Recently had problems with an air leak and have changed all gaskets but still got a problem, Just waiting for some new FG fuel line as I am hoping this is the problem. Anyone else experienced problems like this? :helpsmilie:
hi briggs if u had left them a bit less you would have got the exact same colour as your shell the longer you leave them in the dye the deeper the colour

p.s if u need any graphics for your shell pm me

the stock mcd fuel line is pants best stuff u can get is the yellow fuel lines
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Tygon fuel lines are great.

Guys where do we get this magic dye in Canada??

What is that product used for normally gentelmen??

Any other way to finish the rims ?:?

Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Briggs , how do you like the tries you got on your baja??
are they better then the stock ones??
I got a set and don't know where to get the magic dye to color them.

Can you send me a link please for the colour.
All the best from the eskimo land.
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