MDC steering setup

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Just putting together my racerunner and have stumbled on the servos slightly, considering you cannot flip the location of the servo and they must rotate in opposing directions, what is everyone else running to control steering - a Y harness with signal reverser for one servo, channel mixing on an aux channel or a digital servos with one programmed to rotate in reverse?

I was going to run 2 x HS755MG's but they can't be reversed without soldering (I am not opposed to this - just can't get the darn servo apart fully! :hammer:) or I can run 2 x HS5745MG digitals but have no access to a programmer to set it up.

I do have a spektrum DX3.0 radio and can setup the channel mixing but when it comes to epa and trim adjustments they have to be made individually, ie if I want to adjust my steering as its not straight I will have to adjust both the steering trim and aux channel trim to exactly the same point to stop servo's fighting against each other... this I can see will be a pain. Or am I just not using the radio correctly?:helpsmilie:
a y harness with 2 multiplex rhino digi 4 and i didnt have to do anything of what you did if you put your 2 servos in as shown on a y ansd set them both up exactly the same then your epa works for both of them
Thanks whizzy - I had a bit of a brainfart :badair: , just looked at the servo orientation and went "oh shite you idiot!". Thank god I couldn't get the servo open to try to change its direction...

Now if only the USPS would find my order from DDM thats missing I could finally get an air filter on it and go for a run :eek:
i was going to say, the biggest problam i have was getting the servos centered so i could hook them up evenly.
She's all fitted up now, all suspension checked and aligned, all screws checked and tightened. I just have to oil the air filter and fit my outwears pull start and pre filter and its run time!
Oh and the body's gotta get painted too... can't make up my mind on colour or design tho. :(
Finally got this baby going today, had a few issues with the fuel tank not being vented, ended up running with the cap loosened off for a while, tank vent now fitted. (Big thanks to forum member allanach and the rest of the bass hill fellows for the help getting it sorted and the loan carby - I'll get it back to you next week mate).

Can't wait to get it nice and tuned up, I have a stock 26cc Zenoah with a silenced Jetpro, 813 carb (to go back on) :) and an O'niell's reed kit, should make for a bit of fun. I am very impressed with the 4wd already but didn't get to run it too much coz it was wet and I didn't want to get my new baby filthy first run out, it was tarmac only today. I love having 12 different gear ratios to choose from!

Also wanted to say thanks to Mike from Powerslide Racing, I got this baby off him and his service is unbelievable. I am in sydney and ordered it on a wednesday morning and a courier tried to deliver it thursday arvo from SA. So for all you Aussies - don't hesitate to get your largescale gear from Powerslide you WILL NOT be waiting long for them and the prices are comparable to delivery from the states.

Here's some pics

looks good mate run your vent to the back of the car thou that means if it overflows it runs out the car and onto the ground not inside the car the other thing to do is run velcro round the bottom of your shell helps to stop the crap getting in and also means u don't need the body clips and it doesn't damage your bodyshell mounts
Thanks mate, velco being done today and she vents out the rear now.
Hey whizzy does the baja 1000 have the long travel suspension on the front as standard?
Guys do the mcds jump well? I expect they do being so evenly balanced chassis, I don't want to do massive jumps but it'd be good to know it won't nose dive like a baja 5b likes to
yeah they jump ok just remember and take your finger off the throttle when it lands or u will go thru gears like they are out of fashion
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