mini mill?

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Hey griffith,
I own that proxxon MF70. It is an amazing machine!! If I were to do it again though I would go to and get the one they have. They will both run you about $300 but the harbor freight one is a little bit bigger. When I first got mine I thought I would not neet a bigger one. Now I regret it. Also, if you need good bits order online at they are awsome.
Good luck
Thanks for the advice I will probably wait till next fall to purchase one as during the summer I do not have much time to play with my berg let alone trying to machine parts, but I have always had an interest in messing with a mill so I am definitely going to get one next fall. Maybe a birthday present from my wife as she likes to buy me toys for my birthday.
The smaller machines do fine with materials like aluminum and plastic. High grade steels will push them to thier limits. For hobby purposes they are perfect. :) Depending on budget and space, you can pick up a full size, good condition, used Bridgeport mill for $1,000 and up. Then you can even bore cylinders, do medium to large jobs, work with steel and titanium alloys and make almost anything you need. ;)
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