molyresin on the baja


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i used this method to re-finish my baja cheaper and easy to do at home. it took me 24 hrs to do it all from start to gunmetal front and rear rims ,ramtech front shock mount,phatdaddy rear shock mount,hpi 8000 spring and clutch shoes,tgn billit gas cap,tgn billit spark plug cover ,tgn axle extenders ,tgn billit fuel line holder,ramtech springs.turtleracing black metal clutch bell,new body, crome engine kit,new colored fuel lines,hpi sand paddles still waiting on the fronts,vertigo carbon fiber brake pads ,vertigo billit brake bar don't remember whats its called,black molyrein chassis ,going to order the milke pipe this week also ,thier is more i just remember it all.anyhoo here is a few pics with it naked once i get the new body trimmed out i will take some more pics. bryan


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its pretty tough stuff i use it to re-finish firearms and its hold up to the pounding a gun can put out,if you get a scrach just reapply it and hit the part with heat gun or blow dryer .which i think the bottom will mostly likly see the most scratchs.this is just another alternative or those who want to do it yourself ,it works quit well and is chaeper .thier is not many colors thats the drawback .but hell black goes with everything.
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Hey, Are you running the Xcan and if so how does it run with the dual stinger pipes? I just installed one on my 5b today and was thinking of adding the dual stock stingers to get the exhaust further out the back. I need to pick up a second stinger. if it is not too restrictive. B5 looks great.
i have not had a chace to run it yet with the duel stingers i have a 28.5 top end so i aint to worried about it robbing power ,i will be replacing the x-can with a milkepipe next week so i will probly sale the x-can.
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