Monster OUCH!!

That really sux man! Try flattening the sides and installing plates in the back. It takes just two pop rivets on each side.


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Aww man that hurts, that hurts bad. To bend like that you know you've hit it good.

awww man thats to bad. i hope u get it fixed back up real soon. im just glad no one got hurt that could have really been bad.
u know that scared the crap out of the mail man when that hit. man that must have been loud lol.
that sucks mate :(
a bit of gentle heat and they should straighten out fine :)
mind you theres always someone worse of than you! :
DAMN Glyn you're right I thought mine was bad:( I guess carpark bashing is:nono: for now.Did you/are you going to fix it??:no:
ok no it wont work with a 2ch one but u can put a spring like this one. or carson makes a engine kill fail safe but i have only seen it in the european webshops.
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