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Hi Guys
I got a FG monster (silver beetle in pic )and i would like to change the tyres for ones with more grip , are there any other tyres (8" / 200mm dia ) that will fit the monster i don't want to go down to the smaller stadium size



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might try a set of duratrax firehammer mt tires, they are decent on traction. If the tires you have are anything like the 1/10th scale monster truck treads they turn into basically slicks on any wet surface. the FHMT tires arent so bad but they are alot looser than the buggy tires in the pic you have. you might have to sacrifice some hight for racing in the wet dirt if you want any real traction.
thats pretty similar to the duratrax firehammer monster truck tires. im not sure on the size difference between the two tires. I get some pretty decent traction in the dirt and mud with mine. On a wet street however, well you might as well be running on ice with a set of slicks, probably a bit more traction with ice and slicks.
The MCD tires, while still the same type of tread, are a softer compound and have better bite. BUT, they are expensive and very heavy. They will probably slow the bug down a bit. I have an MCD Monster and am looking at the Duratrax MT tires. I have been told that they are quite a bit lighter and have good traction. Just my 2 cents--nate
I run the Carson/SnarTech/DuraTrax MT Tires on my Leopard Race.

Tyre compound are very soft and Traction is fine, but rims are WEAK. So far I have lost the center of 2 rims, while the tires was still at 80%+

I do have a Balooning issue, when driving FAST on tarmac.
There was a recent thread where a guy cut down a mountain bike tire, removing the side wall and cemented it onto the foam. Then he used thin wire wrapped and tied around tire in between treads to keep it secure.

He reported that he got great traction and it was dirt cheap to make.
thats actually not a bad idea, but the method needs refining. you could simply sand the stock tread off the tire with a belt sander then glue the new tread onto the now slick and rough surface of the old tire. same tire hight but different and hopefully better gripping tread.
further more, the bicycle tires are about the same price as a set of the stock tires, im guessing, i haven't purchase a set of bicycle tires recently. but you could make several tires from one bicycle tire. they have plenty of cool treads to choose from, i like that idea. if you couldnt already tell, i just don't know how well the tire would hold in the long run. I have glue that i know will bond the two tires no problem but im not sure if the heat and rpm and friction wouldnt just rip the retread right off.
There was another thread on RCU where a guy put Baja rear tires on a lathe and ground down the tire surface to a slick. He cut the sand paddles off of some ProLine tires for a T-Maxx and glued them with CA glue to the surface.

Don't know how those held up over time but his initial videos were cool.

This was last summer long before HPI started selling sand paddles.

A similar process could probably be done by sanding down stock tires and CA gluing sections of mountain bike tread. I might try this soon with my worn out stud tires from my Firehammer. Could be a fun project. I'd like to have some asphalt tires but don't want to spend $100 to get them.
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