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:helpsmilie: can't seem to get my engine started it was running just fine and then it seemed like it flooded out or like it ran out of gas well I thought it ran out of gas until I noticed there was gas in the tank it's not flooded I checked the sparkplug it looked good but just too make sure we even changed it and still no start has good compression still no start it is getting gas also when you pull to start it seems a little stiff I was wondering if the after market pipe could be plugged or something iI also checked the gas lines they even seem to be ok I don't know what else it could be also checked the ignition wire it also seems to be ok i'm stomped :(
make sure the magneto is lined up, no fouling. check the plug wire with an ohm meter to see if it's burnt or broken. have you tested the plug for spark with it out. really only need fuel, air, spark and compression to fire. just tossing ideas out....
What where your needle settings? I hope it wasn't a lean seizure.:(
Did it rev before it shut off or did it just die?
Take the pipe off and look into the exhaust hole to see if there is any scaring. The scaring will most of the time be there 1st from what I've read and will look something like this photo. The tight feel may be some of the cylinder coating melted onto the piston. I am hoping I'm wrong but thought I'd have you check it out.


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it just died like it ran out of gas it's not siezed and I did check for spark with plug out and it had spark and it did not rev up before it shut down like I said you can pull the cord and all just will not fire up and I also started over with the settings still nothing:(
just cuz its not locked up don't mean its not siezed.

take your can off the exhaust and look at the piston right at the ring, lower right side of exhaust port. if you see a scrapped up part, it lean siezed. I had one do that, and it was on the 3rd tank on a new top end. just died. after a day of fuggin around i yanked the exhaust and seen the light.

if you do pull the can and see a nice fresh looking piston, you may just be flooded like mad, but im susspecting a lean sieze by the way you say it just died on a near wot run. no spit to spudder, just no.
thats how mine went.
First option i would be doing is leaving your settings as they are and replace your piston ring! Whilst the head and covers are off make sure the magneto is lined up! And drop a new plug and see what happens!
ok guys just got off work so i'm going out to the garage and take my pipe off and have a look:donatello: i'll let you know what I see
ok you guys took the pipe off and piston looked like new :cool2: so now for the bad part I took it apart and the piston had scratches on the side and by the carb port :( not good because that was the ported and polished 29cc piston and head I just got o well i'll have to order amother but I think I'll get the 26cc ported and head with a stuffed crank I hope to get more top end I got it up to 53mph with the 29cc with 42/22 so we shall see what happends
Pep, if you got sand/dirt in the carby side, and the manifold and carby was still tight, then take your current pre filter and burn that MOFO!!!!!!!!!

spend 30 bucks for a Baja Prefilter assembly which comes with the entire assembly and 2 prefilters and a foam. At the same time buy and OUTERWEARS Prefilter for the Air filter.

properly oil the new hpi prefilter, greese the ends of the foam filter to seal it to the housing at each edge, then wrap it all up with the outerwears prefilter bag! i burnt thru about a gallon and never checked my prefilter the entire time, when i did, i washed the Outerwears Prefilter bag and re installed it without touching the rest, it was SPOTLESS!!!!!!!!.

40 bux VERY WELL SPENT imo.
I will do that I have the outer wears and I was useing the filter that looks like a k&n filter, like I said I'm new to this and I will get this right atlease with help from guy's like your self thanks I'm trying to get ready for that sand dume trip :) if I could just get this all in order all will be fine but for right now I have to put some more of my nitro rc's on ebay i'm thinking my mugen 1/8 scale road car should be able to get enough for new motor parts and some extras for my leopard i'm working on gotta put the motor mounts on the beetle also thanks again you guys :donatello:
With my engines works it fine, the most of our club use 1.5 turn en then adjust it for maximum preformance.
Maybe is is da bit different because we use tuned engines.

The airfilter is one of the most importend things on a engine, is decide the life of your engine.

how true it is, that and a smart tune. i check the plug color and use it to gauge my tune, i shoot for a medium brown to be safe. im not racing or a HUGE performance nut so i like to be a tad safe!.
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