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new here at this forum. having a fg mt in a day or two now:2guns: . can't wait! but my question is do i need to put in an alloy motor mount, and if i do, will it be the small or large one. i've read somwhere before that the screws come loose with the plastic mounts. thanks alot guys.
I've changed mine, because one of the screws simply comes loose, I think that is a no priority upgrade, but you'll need to change them.
Hey Sperry,
I just installed the small and large mounts because the holes in the chassis are not round, they are slots and you move the motor to get correct gear mesh.
The problem is: when you have a crash / do jumps or the screws just simply come loose, what happens is the lay shaft gear and the diff gear come out of mesh and the lay shaft gear gets ruined.
By memory a new lay shaft gear costs about the same as the small alloy mount so you don't want to chew these up very often.
My MT is about 4 weeks old and I would highly recommed replacing the Large Mount at a very minimum.... also get yourself a pinion & spur gear cover as small rocks really trash the spur gear big time.
I installed alloy mounts on my FG MT as on grass it would have to much grip the engine mounts would flex and i'd get a horrible gear slipping noise!

They fixed the problem!
thanks guys. will do. but about the gear cover, allanach, i think the mt i got has 2 speed tranny in it. and i read from some site the cover will not work for the 2 speed. any suggestions for an alternate cover?

Hiya mate, have you got any decent close up pics of you gear cover as i bought one today and it catches on the back and underneath (hits the spur), i would like an idea of where to cut out :)

well sad to say the truck will be in by friday:no: . do you have the 2 speed tranny as well? is that what you mentioning that is hitting the spur gear? if that will be the case, i think you could just thicken the flage of the cover until it clears the gears. i still have not ordered the cover and the truck's still not here with me so sorry. but as soon as i have them and come up with another idea, i'll be more than glad to post it.
Hi Jonny / Sperry,

I just got back from my Brother- in - laws wedding (4 days) I not ignoring you guys.

(1) I am not aware of a FG or after market cover for the two speed tranny, if there is one please let me know.

Jonny, In regards to your cover... between 2 -3 o clock on your spur gear there is a faint line on the cover that you need to cut out. The monsters have a 48 (I think) tooth spur gear and yes it does rub if you don't cut the piece out. I also noticed the cover hitting the chassis plate very hard so I used a die grinder (like a Dremel) to cut a 3mm deep large radius on the aluminium plate so the cover didn't rub.
I will post some pics tomorrow if you like?

Let me know when the beast arrives sperry:)
Hiya, yeah post some pics matey, i'm more interested in the underneath of the cover as like you say the 2-3 oclock section is allreay marked out :)

Thank you :)
Hi Jonny,

Not a very good picture as I did not remove the wheel however, it should give you the right idea.
Let me know how you go.

got the fg mt last friday and was so excited but lo and behold, the lay shaft gear was missing:no: and there were other issues that came along with it. so i got in touch with the seller from ebay and we agreed that he'll cover all the parts that were missing to get the truck running:) :) . and i decided to disassemble the fg to check if there were other things that i missed and maybe do some mods of my own. tried twicking the radio but dead. went thru the radio manual but still nothing. went to my lhs to get it checked out and they told me that the tx and rx were not compatible:nono: got in touch again with the seller and he is sending me a new complete radio set:clap: so to make the long story short, the seller has so far forked out $250 to cover for whatever expenses that was needed for the truck. for me that was real noble thing for him to do since the truck was already out of his hands. i would just like to tip my hat off to joe cortright ( cortright 4330, ebay id ) and commend him for his commitment for me to get the fg mt running. so if any of you guys happen to deal with cortright 4330, have no fear for he will stand by his words and leave you satisfied:clap: just my 2 cents on the man. even though i still have to work on the fg, i am very much satisfied with our transaction. it may still take a few more days for me to get everthing i need but i can wait.
I gotta say Sperry, I admire the way you looked at this (half full glass rather than half empty) and you are possibly an ideal ebayer yourself, however I am not gifted in this area and I would have been spitting chips.

Moving forward...... when ya gonna put up some photos of the beast... nothing like a brand new large scale.. giddy-up.
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