motorcycle which one

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northfield birmingham
hi all ime considering buying a motorcyle only race it now and again cuz i race a lauterbacher supercross.what i would like to know is whats best nitro or electric.what bikes are available aswell theres one on ebey sf501 or something £200 is it any good?.don't want a ducati thunder tiger or nikko they look to toyish i want something that looks the part,secound hand will do as long as its got everything on it.where do i look to buy one i live in birmingham england
that Nuavo Faor SF501 is a good bike. about a 2 yr old model, but very nice. i would think the nitro would be more fun/realistic to run.
seen a New SF506 on ebay jsut a few ago for 300 or 350 BIN here in the states.
as i understand it the 506 is nicer than the 501.
I have a completely hopped up brushless set up. It comes with all carbon fiber, hydro brakes, the ultimate race setup. I pm'd you more info.
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