MT soft tyres

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Lisboa, PT
Hi, I'm using my mt in racing tracks, but I felt that the original tyres are too hard to grip in those type of grounds.

Is there any aftermarket tyres (with the same measures as the original) softer?

If there's any, could you tell me where to get them ?

that´s an option, but I don't want to loose my car look (big car, and big tires. Bigger than any marder, and baja, and everything :clown: :devil:
I don't have a monster but some of the tricks that is used on full sized tires is to sipe the. So how would cuting sipes into the tread work. Might take some trial and error. Start of with a few cuts and slowly add for cuts. Don't take chunks out just cut strait down through the lugs but not into the tire itself.
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