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I tell you what. I think I must have one of these race runners or the stadium truck version. A few of my buds and I are driving down to's store to test a demmo when the weather is nice. Troy at gave us the invite. He told me that they have a demmo car for everything they sell so people can try them out. Cool.
i'm going to run my MCD this weekend, i can't wait for those Pro tires and body, i want to convert my Racerunner.
I was talking to a guy on a calgary rc site who had the race runner,he said he had to order through the states.I would imagine if you went to your local shop and asked they could order special for you though.
I think Largescalerc is only about an hour away from me, but it would be an expensive trip...I don't think I would be able to leave that place without walking out with a big expensive box!

Any more word on the new MCD that's coming out? I saw pics maybe a month ago it was a desert truck with a wing on the back and the truck was in the sand for the pics. Does anyone else remember seeing those, was it something new or just a new body? It sure looked nice.
ya the MCD Baja 1000 ST. very nice looking ride and 4X4 to boot!! its a cross between new and some redesign, but i don't remember if is redesing of the MTs or the onroads?
"You can't put her on Ebay" because Ebay Administrators know that it would cause a dramatic economical imbalance in the world since those guys from Middle East will be very wealthy. I heard a man can have many wives over there.
BTW, if the WIFE is reading this: IT IS NOT $1600...HE's LYING... It will be $1600, plus a kick-ass race ported engine, a tuned pipe, some fancy servos, a Nomadio, a bunch of shiny aluminum hop-ups...The list will never end...IT WILL BE AT LEAST $5000 when he's satisfied.

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