my baby

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Thanks a bunch glad to be here and happy to be canadian. I have not taken recent pics of this tank but it hitting the 3500$$$$$$ dallar mark. just waiting for my ss and I will do it all over again with the ss. try to get some newer pics up soon .thanks a bunch. I had different reviews with this one some like the purple some don't I myself think it looks great with the black.The ss will be pretty much the same but with the orange. whats nice with the colour is when you get sick of it you can polish it after and get the brushed aluminum look. Thank talk to ya later.
:clap:Wonderful color scheme, I never thought I'd say it but the purple looks like it was made for that buggy - Waite it was.:blush: Nice job...:clap:
Thanks guys oh and gals for the good feed back and just enjoy hanging out in here and listening to the different idea's and seeing some great pics of the bajas.I'll be starting another one hopefully so I'msure some of you are waiting for your ss's as well. Come on H.P.I get a move on.
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