my Hydro Project.

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Bajastafarian Madnes
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just thought i d toss up a few pics of my Hydro im working on. only done some trimming of the top and hull, still need to do the fine fitting work, and then i can get to work with some bracing to help square it all up and allow me to put the two halfs together. then its time to lay out the motor and the rest of it.
here is a few pics of its trial fitment for top and bottom and motor placement.





maybe i ll start plugging away at it this week. should be interesting as this will be my first boat build.


Looks like fun.
Im working on a electric brushless set-up myself.
Its a 30 inch hull that had a K&B 40 in it that I just sold on fleabay.


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Looks like fun T.I like long projects like that one day I will venture into boats makes sence since I'm surrounded by water and live on/across the street from a lake lol.
I cant stop playing in the dirt long enough to try boating lol.
All done and it kicks ass!!!!


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hey "T" the hydro looks nice. next time we go to Silver Lake maybe you can bring it, I had my Shockwave there and played everynight after we came down from the dunes. John has a shockwave, Eric has a Rocket, and Steve has the Miss Bud hydro, so there are 4 of us with gassers that would run with you... he he :)
still building it bill. i haven't spent much time with it since early spring. i guess i should get going. i wanted to run it this yr. lol
lol, it still looks good hanging on the wall. lmao

i plan on putting some time in on it in the next couple weeks.
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