my leopard

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hi all,
just thought i would introduce myself,
i am peter, and a couple of pictures of my lep, its been sat for a while because i just haven't had time but sooner or later i will be out with it again!!
its missig the radio tray but haven't taken any pictures lately!


Very nice indeed!! I'll have to really clean mine up soon. I'll take some before and after pics!

Welcome aboard!!
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Welcome aboard rushracer,

Nice Leopard!
Your Leopard looks like a kid thats been grounded for way too long in it's room and is in need of a long bashing session outdoors.:clown:
cheers for the comments!!
indeed it "did" look like it had been inside too long, its just a bit dirtier now :)
i had just cleaned an re built it when those pics where taken which is why radio tray and brakes are still missing.

i do love the lep, but the performance of hormanns is tempting me more and more! but the lep will stay for a while yet!!
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